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We had an awesome time chatting with Abernathy Miller:

Rachel Chertoff designs clothing and jewelry for the girl-on-the-go, because that's exactly what she is. Since launching her jewelry and clothing line in 2013, Chertoff has been working non-stop, showing her Chertova designs at CMH Fashion Week and garnering a loyal social media following. Her hard work and determination border on contagious, which is exactly why Jayme Jurkovac joined the Chertova team to run the business side of operations. Fresh off the launch of their new website and online store, Chertoff and Jurkovac are moving forward at a break-neck pace gearing up to show at Raw Artists' Holiday RAWk event on Monday, Dec. 1.

I always wanted to start my own business and be a fashion designer. I wanted to transcribe my personal experience into a 3-D object that somebody else could maybe connect with also. Once I graduated, I decided to hit the ground running. I've been working on it since 2013. We recently finished CMH Fashion Week, and we have RAW Artists' Holiday RAWKs show coming up and we just launched our new site. That's when it all started to feel very real. RC

I wanted to become a part of Chertova because I was such a fan. I was originally asked to do some modeling for Rachel, and I really fell in love with the designs. I have so much faith in her work; I truly believe she has that "it" factor, and is set to go places. When people meet Rachel, they see immediately her dedication. People know she is going to go somewhere. I am mainly the business side of things and help out with the public relations, social media stuff. It allows Rachel to focus primarily on designing since she doesn't have to worry about the paperwork. JJ

I design jewelry and clothing for the modern, busy woman. I draw off my own experiences in my life for inspiration with the line. The Chertova girl is a girl-on-the-go. She has places to be and things to do, and there isn't always time for a wardrobe change, so I like to make things that transition from day to night effortlessly. The pieces are multi-purpose, so you never have to take them off. I don't design pieces that hide in jewelry boxes; my pieces are in the cup on your nightstand. Right now, it's easier for me to make 50 rings than it is for me to hand-knit 50 sweaters, but I hope that one day the clothing and jewelry will be equal parts of the line. RC

Focusing on the Columbus fashion scene is important to us. The fashion community here is great, and we try to take any opportunity that is available. People here want to support local artists. We bring Chertova to the local fleas and fashion shows and get a great response. We got a lot of traction on Instagram, and we were getting so much attention, it made it obvious we needed a professional site. Since our site launched [roughly a month ago], we've been getting really positive feedback. It's really amazing to have other artists supporting your work. It's totally an honor to see an artist whose work you have hanging up in your studio wearing your piece. All that support is great, but when it comes down to garnering attention [beyond the local scene] it comes down to drive. But Columbus is where we started; we don't want to turn our backs on our loyal fan base here. JJ

When you're doing something you love, it doesn't feel like a responsibility. I still have a "day job," and I don't want to slack on designs, so I've learned to work on very little sleep. I leave my day job and head straight into the studio to work on Chertova. I'd tell anyone who is starting a line to be prepared to work until you can't move the next day. I feel like throwing in the towel about once a week. It all gets very overwhelming at times, but once the positive stuff starts happening, the feeling of delight surpasses any exhaustion. It all felt real and worth it when we got our company credit card with Chertova on it from the bank. The IRS knows about us, there is no turning back now. RC

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